Durham Students’ Union accredited as ‘Very Good’ by NUS


Durham Students’ Union has been accredited as ‘Very Good’ by the National Union of Students.

This certification was awarded by the Quality Students’ Union, a framework devised by the NUS. A students’ union is awarded an overall rating of either ‘Good’, ‘Very Good’, or ‘Excellent’.

The overall rating is drawn from the results of the assessment of 12 separate components, including governance, democracy, and impact.

In all components, the DSU received the grade ‘Very Good’ or above, excelling in the areas of ‘Representation and Campaigning’, and ‘Strategic Planning’, both of which were rated ‘Excellent’.

In a statement posted on the DSU’s website, SU President described the process as “incredibly valuable”. Following the introduction of the new strategy in 2018, McIntosh believes the award has “allowed us to take stock” and expressed her hopes that the SU’s new staff will “continue to enact and even exceed the ‘Very Good’ status.”

A new strategy, outlined in the DSU’s ‘Forwards 2018-2022’ manifesto, aimed primarily to make the university a more progressive, supportive, and safer academic environment. It particularly aimed to target social issues affecting students, such as sexual violence and high house prices.

The examining body described the ‘Forwards’ strategy as an “inspirational vision that defines an aspirational principal.”

“The award is the fantastic achievement for Durham Students’ Union and the result of a huge amount of hard work by the team – well done to you all.”

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Jeremy Cook OBE

Former DSU president collected the award from the House of Commons with Chief Executive Gary Hughes and the new Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Jeremy Cook OBE.

Cook called this a ‘fantastic achievement’ for the Union and congratulated the team warmly.

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