Durham students look to break world record in aid of Movember


26th of November will see Durham once again attempt to a break a record on the sporting field, this time in Touch Rugby.

Currently, 437 people is the record for the highest participation in a touch rugby game. This was set on the first day of the ‘Festival of Rugby’ back in 2015, which aimed to raise awareness for the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

Children from 29 schools across Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire smashed the previous world record, which stood at 336.

By next Saturday evening, Durham could have its own set of record-breakers as the student body look to exceed the current record of 437. Taking place down at Maiden Castle, this total will hopefully be surpassed, but, this time to raise awareness for a far more important cause. The event is a fundraiser for the Movember Foundation, which supports men’s health. It does this in two ways; firstly, by financially supporting research in testicular and prostate cancer, and secondly through helping to stop the number of male suicides.

St Cuthbert’s student and organiser Oli Williams explained the reasoning behind the event to Palatinate.

“As a rugby player I wanted to do something big involving rugby to encourage as many people as possible across the university to get involved”, he explained.

Having seen records broken, set and surpassed during a summer of remarkable sport, Williams spotted an opportunity.

“I thought one of the biggest things you can try and do is break a world record.

“So anyone who wishes to participate will donate £2 to play, and hopefully if we beat the record this will raise a lot of money for the charity.”

Photograph: Wikimedia.Commons

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