Durham enjoy luck of the draw for BUCS fixtures

With the end of the regular season coming to a close, teams are preparing themselves for the business end of the year. The knockouts provide a chance for Durham to pit themselves against the best teams in the country, and it’s possible that the Palatinates could have their best season in years.

Durham have had a favourable draw with an unprecedented number of home ties, totalling eleven home matches.

With the Palatinates currently third in the overall league points table, only twenty points behind Edinburgh, the number of home draws present an opportunity for Team Durham to do very well this year.

Championship Last 16

Women’s Badminton 1st v Leeds 1st:   13:00, Maiden Castle

Women’s Fencing 1st v Cardiff 1st: 13:00, Maiden Castle

Men’s Fencing 1st v Kings College London 1st: 13:00, Maiden Castle

Women’s Hockey 1st v Cardiff 1st: 14:00, Maiden Castle

Women’s Lacrosse 1st v St Andrews 1st: 16:00, Maiden Castle

Men’s Lacrosse 1st v Sheffield Hallam 1st: 13:00, Maiden Castle

Women’s Tennis 1st v Bath 1st: 12:00, Maiden Castle

Trophy Last 32

Women’s Basketball 1st v Dundee 1st: 16:30, Maiden Castle

Women’s Lacrosse 3rd v Cambridge 2nd: 13:00, Maiden Castle

Women’s Lacrosse 2nd v Oxford Brookes 1st: 14:30, Maiden Castle

Men’s Table Tennis 1st v Teesside 1st: 16:00, Hild Bede East Gym

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