Durham City Parish Council rated a top 100 council nationwide


Durham City Parish Council has been awarded the prestigious honour of being within the top 100 councils in the country. At an awards ceremony in January, the council was able to learn that it beat almost 10,000 councils in the rest of the country to gain a top 100 spot. Out of the 104 Parish and Town Councils from County Durham, only 3, including Durham City Parish Council, were included within the awards.

Durham City Parish Council is one the youngest within County Durham, having been created 5 years ago. Despite this, this is not the first award that this Council have received, as Durham City Parish Council also received Quality Council Status last year for issues such as council improvement, good leadership within the community and exceptional governance.

Councillor David Bell, The Chair of the County Durham Association of Local Councils stated “we all very much recognise that the City of Durham Parish Council has really established itself as an organisation which acts on its residents’ issues and is now a major stakeholder in the life of our City.”

“It is great to see the speed and effectiveness with which the Parish Council has developed since it was founded in 2018.”

Durham City Parish Council have received commendations by the award scheme due to its excellent leadership qualities especially within the community, its neighbourhood plans as well as its corporate plans. It is now one of the best performing councils in the entire country.

Cllr Alan Doig, Chair of the Parish Council added to this that Durham City Parish Council had an established reputation of being a council of action which will not shy away from tackling big issues within the community.

“It is great to see the speed and effectiveness with which the Parish Council has developed.”

cllr David bell

Adam Shanley, the Council’s Executive Officer said: “this is absolutely terrific news. We are so delighted!”

“All of my colleagues are unpaid volunteer Councillors and they are the people who give up hours and hours of their time away from families to write the Neighbourhood Plans, to make night time safety in the City a reality through our new Safety Hub, who deliver great events such as the Coronation and Remembrance and who ultimately give this City the voice it was so lacking before the Parish Council came into being.”

 “The work doesn’t stop. We have to press on, move forward and deliver for our community and work as hard as possible for each and every resident.”

Most recently, the council has come under praise for managing to successfully resist the loss of family homes in to student accommodation and also for safeguarding the City’s Safety Hub.

In the future, Durham City Parish Council has stated that it is constantly reviewing the different ways in which it can keep improving and putting the local residents at the forefront, whilst being cost saving but also as effective as possible.

Image via Durham City Parish Council

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