DSUR calls for University reform in open letter to the Vice Chancellor



Durham Students DSURRRfor University Reform (DSUR) has called on the Vice Chancellor to reform elements of University policy in an open letter backed by around 20 student societies.

“At the same time, there are some key areas where student groups are calling for reform as a matter of urgency.”

The letter to the Vice Chancellor “puts forward six realistic proposals for positive change at Durham, which have broad support from the student population.”

The six proposals include calling on the University to pay its staff the Living Wage, the freezing of College accommodation costs for two years, and the possibility of University divestment in fossil fuels.

Cross and Baker stated that “there is real hope that the selection of the new Vice Chancellor is more than the selection of a new figurehead for the University.

“Staff and students want to see real and substantive changes to the way the University is run.

In a post on the group’s Facebook page, DSUR co-chairs and Katie Baker said that the purpose of the letter is “to welcome Professor Corbridge to our wonderful city and university.

Photograph: DSUR

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