Droppr: The student start-up hiding cash all over Durham – you just have to find it!

By Naya Toumpeki

Droppr is a startup founded and run by Durham University students. It is a free real world interactive game app that hides prizes, ranging from cash, to product giveaways, to exclusive offers from local businesses and beloved brands around Durham. The premise is, Droppr hides envelopes in the designated drop zones (the area in which the game takes place) and players simply solve the riddle in the app to reveal the location in which the envelope containing the QR code is hidden. The first player to scan the code gets the prize! 

The journey so far

The idea was first conceived a little over a year ago by second year student Naseem Moumene.  His aim was to create a game that incorporated both new and exciting ways to financially aid students as well as provide an incentive to be more active by leaving the house to partake in a city-wide hunt for cash and other custom prizes. It’s not like a lottery or a raffle where luck plays a part, but rather individual trivia, knowledge and effort can give players the edge. After a year consisting of three national lockdowns, Droppr hopes to reignite the Durham student experience by encouraging students to step outside of their homes to participate in a social, yet Covid-19 safe activity. It aims to enhance the students’ Durham experience, and allow students to directly interact with local businesses. The start-up will work with local businesses and brands acting as an innovative marketing tool to engage with the local community and increase footfall on the high-street – an industry that has been particularly impacted from Covid-19. 

Droppr has thus far been met with a response of nothing but enthusiasm by Durham students.

The Droppr team now consists of seven Durham students working in a range of roles from app developers to marketing and finance. If starting a business start-up alongside university studies was not enough of a challenge, the team also had to overcome the increasing uncertainty and fluctuating regulations surrounding Covid-19. Adaptations and compromises of course had to be made, with all coordination and communication taking place virtually and many of the team never having met in person! Despite this, Droppr has successfully completed two beta launch games and recently been accepted onto the Durham Ambitious Business Start-Ups Programme (DABS).

Droppr has thus far had really positive feedback by the Durham students, who eagerly took up the search.  The second beta game, with a total cash prize of £50, had a finding time of only 34 minutes and engagement with mystery QR codes appearing on stickers around the county was of much higher levels than anticipated (crashing the system!), enabling some parting gifts for Durham’s students before the pause of the game for the Christmas break. 

Photo from Naya Toumpeki


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