Police not looking to revoke Klute’s alcohol licence


It’s understood that Durham Police are not looking to revoke or suspend Klute’s alcohol license.

This follows calls by Durham Police for ‘strong action’ to be taken against the nightclub, after it was accused of selling ‘quaddies’ to already intoxicated students. That led police chief Mike Barton requesting that Durham County Council reviewed Klute’s alcohol license.

However, it seems the result of this review is to work to make the premises safer, rather than to revoke it’s alcohol license.

As a result, the controversial quaddies are to be ‘watered down’, with vodka being replaced by the less alcoholic Vodkat, which only contains 22% alcohol. Furthermore, customers will no longer be able to buy multiple drinks for their own consumption.

Klute will also have to ensure that at least two door members of staff are on duty at all times, and will have to install CCTV cameras on the premises.

Speaking about the changes, Sergeant Tim Robson from Durham Police said: “Klute is part of the culture and history of Durham, I respect that and that is something we’ve taken into consideration.

“Durham police do not want to close this premises, but want to make it safer. I am confident they will fulfil their requirements.

“However, Durham Police wish to point out that this is certainly a shot across the bow and any further undermining, or possible undermining, of licensing and it will lead to a secondary review”.

Photograph: Arthur Dimsdale

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