‘Awe in Autumn’ By

Midas’ touch has delicately landed
Upon the fingertips of Autumn’s trees.
Yet it is not just gold, but garnet
And ruby that decorates the leafy canopy above.

Watch as the jewels flutter upon you,
Like a carefully crafted balletic ensemble:
Spiralling, tumbling, caressing the earthy ground below,
Whispering softly as they go.

And then the floor is adorned,
In precious shades of deep lustrous yellow, crimson, and orange
Supplying a wealth of habitation for the fall,
Hedgehogs, badgers, squirrels and all.

Hear the crackle beneath your feet.
Feel the crisp wind whip around your hair and cheeks.
Inhale yesterday’s rainfall and
Drink up, soak up, swallow

The beauty of Autumn.

‘All in the Letting Go’ by Sarah Henderson

The silence lay herself across the bed
And in that time, I learned to love you, lost.
I no longer saw a broken mirror
But a mosaic of our fragmented hearts.
I now enjoy the sunlight by my face
To wake me up – alone but still with warmth.
I embrace the coffee stains and stretch marks
That remind me no one is worth the cost.
I sit in the yard and watch forest fires
Burn the living but romanticise their death.
An incendiary act freeing what remains
Of every love story written to end.
The sweetest high of burning wood and memories
Ashes to dust, and to myself returned.

Photograph: Paul Hirst

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