A thank you letter to Émile Zola


Formatives season is now upon us, we are glued to our desks – whether you find your home in the TLC, library, one of the cute cafés in Durham, or if you like to study in the safety and comfort of your own home. I am currently writing this in my new home: The Bill Bryson Library. I don’t know about you but each year that I come back to university I can never work in the same place as I did last year, so I have moved from the TLC in Year 1, to the SU Café in Year 2, to the Billy B in Year 3. Luckily there are enough places to accommodate this, even if it can sometimes feel a little crammed…

An article I recently read for class from 1866 actually discussed how in the modern era we would all find our homes where we work. The writer, Émile Zola, who some of you may have heard of, wrote about how with the creation of modern society we will be glued to our work and won’t have any reason to do exercise. When discussing it in class, my teacher noticed a cheeky grin on my face so asked me what I thought about the article. Now, I didn’t say what I was thinking because it would’ve been a bit too inappropriate and it may still be inappropriate to write it here. But anyway, I was thinking that he’s basically telling us we’re all lazy buggers. And to be honest, he might be slightly true. Glued to my desk in the library now I definitely do not have the time to go do sport, and even if I did I don’t see why I would want to. So Zola I write back to you, 156 years, well done for guessing that in modern society I will be glued to my desk in formatives season – I don’t even need to get out of my bed to start working, or I could just fall asleep in the library as some students I see do – thank you for giving me an excuse to not do sport. Damn modern society!

Take a pause, and enjoy our Christmas magazine

What I am driven by, may not be the need to be healthy, but more the desire to not be healthy and enjoy what will come after the formatives season… Christmas!! This is why I decided, amongst all the stress of formatives, it may be nice for you to sit back, take a pause, and enjoy our Christmas magazine. Packed with everything you could imagine about this magical season, read our homage to The Muppet Christmas Carols movie, 12 Days of Christmas Reading List, our His and Hers Xmas gift guide, and many more festive articles!! If you are not quite ready for Christmas yet, as it is quite early, then check out our Visual Arts and Creative Photography articles on Durham’s Lumiere festival, or our article on the Expression Fashion Show. You’ll love all we have to offer, all you need to do is turn to the next page…


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