A beacon of hope: Covid-19 vaccination developments


2020 has been rough for everyone. Whether you have unfortunately experienced a personal loss, or have simply been affected by the worldwide isolation, I think we can all take solace in the fact that everyone has been going through the same thing – all wondering when it would finally come to an end. In recent weeks, however, we discovered that Pfizer, Moderna, and Oxford University believe they have the answer: vaccines.

How efficient these vaccines are, assuming they are safe, is down to the government

Once these vaccines go through all the necessary paperwork and administration (and there’s a lot of it), they have the potential to end this pandemic once and for all. We have seen in recent history how vaccines can do this – think Edward Jenner’s (albeit old fashioned) vaccine that eradicated smallpox. Fast forward to today, and we have vaccines for diseases such as polio, mumps, measles, rubella, the list goes on.

The effects that this relatively new field of science can have on the world is monumental and influences the planet for generations to come. How efficient these vaccines are, however – assuming they’re found to be safe – is down to the Government.

The NHS will be in charge of the vaccine rollout across the UK. We have already been told the running order for who will get the vaccines first: the vulnerable, NHS and care workers, the over-50s, etc. There is even talk that as long as the vulnerable are vaccinated, there is no need to vaccinate anyone else who is, for example, young with no underlying health conditions.

Regardless as to who gets it, the Government are overseeing the entire vaccination process, and have already taken steps to ensure its efficiency, such as pre-ordering over 100 million doses, mobilising the military to assist with logistics, telling the NHS to prepare for a mass vaccination program. The concern, however, is if the Government will be able to follow through with what will undoubtedly be the country’s largest healthcare program in modern history.

We have seen time and time again the constant U-turns the Government have had to perform throughout 2020. From free school meals to the first attempt at a track and trace app to the exam results fiasco over summer, the Government has shown its inability to deal with highly important national issues.

Some say that U-turns are examples of the Government “listening to the concerns of the people”, but I personally cannot recollect a time where any sitting Government has gone back on their word as much as this current one.

The vaccine rollout is something that the Government cannot afford to mess up. The lives of potentially tens-of thousands depend on the efficient rollout of this vaccine.

If the Government is seen to have made a catastrophic error in this – something they’re used to at this point – not only will more people needlessly suffer, but their already weaning trust will be lowered even further.

This Government has already caused the needless deaths of thousands with their concerning pattern of taking action against Covid-19 too late – first seen in March when we entered lockdown about two weeks after the rest of Europe.

There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and the Government simply cannot afford to make that tunnel longer

It is totally possible for the Government to do this correctly. Not only that, but I personally believe that the country is capable of doing this. Not due to the Government however, more down to the military’s proficiency in logistics along with our fantastic NHS who have been tirelessly working throughout this whole thing. There is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, and the Government simply cannot afford to make that tunnel longer.

Image by Marco Verch via Flickr

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