2024 fashion forecast: The ins and outs according to a style savvy student


As we step into the dawn of 2024, the fashion world is undergoing a metamorphosis, bidding farewell to some iconic trends while welcoming the resurgence of others. So, what will we be taking with us into 2024, and what will we be leaving behind from the years before? I’ll be unravelling the shifts in fashion, bringing you my ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ for the new year.


Leopard Print.

Chic or ‘tacky’? Leopard print is in! With its tumultuous history, it is reclaiming the fashion scene in 2024. From miniskirts to oversized coats, the once-controversial print is staging a comeback. Vogue has officially declared ‘the leopard print revival,’ which we are witnessing in conjunction with the re-ignition of 2010s indie sleaze. Embracing the revival are both street-style enthusiasts and high fashion icons, marking the advent of a bold and expressive era.

Hats as Statements.

Hats, once relegated to formal occasions, are emerging as unique indicators of personality. As minimalism gives way to maximalism, statement hats, including the baker boy, beret, and baseball cap, are becoming staple fashion items in 2024.

Mod dresses.

In line with shapeless silhouettes continuing to trend, the 60s-inspired boxy mini dresses are set to dominate the fashion scene in 2024. Led by the growing movement of women’s liberation, the mini dresses of the mid-60s were the headliners of the fashion revolution’s laissez-faire ‘do as you please’ attitude; as shown through rebellion against 50s knee-length hems in place of bare legs. This is an outlook we should welcome 60 years on in 2024. Evidently, the popularity of the Miu Miu micro miniskirt in 2023, will smoothly translate into the short hemlines of Mary Quant 60s dresses reinvented for 2024.


The powers suits of the 1980’s and their statement shoulder pads seem to be making a comeback in 2024. Margaret Thatcher’s business suits, Linda Evans style in ‘Dynasty,’ and Princess Diana’s royal outfits all reflected the feminine power dresser. The 80’s trend ran in conjunction with the increase of economically active women and the rise of second-wave feminism, by assimilating to masculine silhouettes, women felt more confident in being taken seriously in the workplace. Recently, office-wear has been integrated into the everyday wardrobe, popularised by Bella Hadid, the 90’s-inspired ‘office siren’ aesthetic consists of skirt suits, slim-fit blouses, and pinstripe trousers. Meanwhile, the ‘Scandi-girl’ look, associated with brands like Djerf Avenue, offers a hyper-masculine silhouette, composed of oversized blazer’s and men’s button-up shirts.


The old money aesthetic.

What does it mean to dress ‘rich’? Draped in classic silhouettes and expensive blazers, the ‘old money’ aesthetic has long been synonymous with generational wealth. The popularity of shows and such as ‘Succession,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ and most recently: ‘Saltburn’, have certainly sparked an obsession with outfits of the unattainable upper class. However, as we usher in 2024, I’d like us to bid farewell to the romanticisation of inherited riches, and a sense of style which is often tied to imperialism and war.

Micro bags.

No longer are we tied to the confines of a bag that doesn’t even fit a phone. Whilst tiny bags may still be having a moment in nightlife fashion, in a post COVID-19 society, fashion is certainly reflecting our desire for comfort and functionality. With the runways of 2023 confirming the rebound of 2010’s spacious handbags, this is assuredly a win for the 2024 university student seeking practicality.

Shapely dressing.

2024 challenges the notion that your body should dictate your wardrobe choices. The decline in search trends for ‘shape-wear’ suggests a shift away from the body-centric focus. Oversized and drop-waist silhouettes will take centre stage, encouraging individuals to focus on creating interesting shapes and lines, rather than restricting their style to their own body type.

Bare legs.

In a nod to the short hemlines of the 60s, 2024 introduces a revival of statement legwear. Coloured, patterned, and lace tights take the spotlight, replacing bare barbie legs, reminiscent of the controversial 2010s American Apparel hosiery advertisements. The term ‘red tights outfit’ on Pinterest grew by 75% from September to December; is this another sign of the return of indie sleaze?

This new year, I encourage you to shop with sustainability in mind and to be creative with your own wardrobe, especially as vintage and second-hand is more in than ever. Moreover, while fashion trends come and go, it is important not to restrict yourself. Finding your own sense of style is a great way to express yourself – it is something which is inherent within us – and while it’s fun to try out new trends and form our own opinions on old ones, fashion is subjective. What may be in for me, might be out for you.

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