Watergate II: Trump ‘secrets’ leaked to press

By Sebastian Sanchez-Schilling

Is it wrong to kink shame a man like Trump? The question arose when it was revealed that Trump allegedly paid prostitutes to pee on a bed Obama slept in, and each other. This is otherwise known as ‘watersports’; it has caused some controversy.

On 11 January, an anonymous dossier was released by Buzzfeed, alleging several damning facts about Trump. They centred around his relation to Russia. The crux of the issue was supposedly that the Russian state has compromising information in regards to Trump, and therefore could use this as leverage against him. We should hold a level of scepticism in regards to shaming a man who was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault – what more could there be for the Russians? Barring a revelation similar to that of the inane #PizzaGate (a conspiracy theory which alleges that Clinton and her associates are paedophiles who acquire children through a place fronting as a pizza restaurant), there was not much that could sink the man.

#WaterSportsGate began to trend on Twitter almost instantly. It is perhaps the only political scandal which should reference Watergate in some way. Before we go into the details of the matter, we should consider the nature of what is occurring. Trump has been hostile towards the intelligence community of the United States from the beginning of his primary campaign to now. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, called this position “really dumb”. He claimed that they had “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”. Is this one of them? No matter how abominable Trump may be, should we support the United States’ intelligence community, comprising of the CIA, NSA, FBI and a number of other agencies, in an attack on the president? If Trump were to be impeached or resign, would America be better off under Pence? This is doubtful.

Regardless, it was alleged he paid to see golden showers and that the FSB (Russian state intelligence) had information about this. This claim is as bizarre as the concept of the man getting elected president so one should consider it. However, it’s validity was increased when the anonymous leaker was revealed to be a former M16 agent Christopher Steele. The fact that he fled his home and has gone into hiding may only increase its validity in some respects. We still do not know if it is true.

The allegations impact may be like that against David Cameron. In a biography, it was alleged he placed his penis in a dead pig’s mouth and absolutely nothing happened to him. Then again, Trump is the thin-skinned type of man who’d led this type of thing get to him. We will see.

Image: Gage Skidmore via flickr.

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