Vitamin D

By Jacob Cordery

They ask me, they ask me, they ask me,
How’s it going, how are you?
I say fine.
But really, how are you?
But really, I’m fine.
How’s school, how’s work, how’s life?
All fine, I say.
How are your grades?
How is your girlfriend?
Just fine.
How is your sound body and mind?
Fine, I lie.
But wait, they say,
What are those things that
Mark your face and scar your back?
They’re fine.
Spots? Acne? Cancer?
No, they’re fine, it’s my age, I’m sure.
You ought to take care of yourself, they say.
Fine, I will, said in veiled promises.
You really ought to,
Yes, you ought to,
I once knew a boy with spots like yours,
Now he’s dead.
No really, I’m fine.
You know, they say, the sun can really clear those up.
That’s just fine, I say, feigning thankfulness.
The sun really helps with those spots and
Son or lad or kid.
Fine, I’ll give it a try, I say.
Do you know what else you could try? Well, do you?
No, fine, tell me.
That Vitamin D, son or lad or kid.
Sounds fine, I say, as if it was God’s great gift.
You really ought to try that Vitamin D, son.
To clear up those spots, lad.
To get rid of those scars, kid.
Fine, I say and I say and I say.
I say fine.
But have you son,
Have you tried that Vitamin D?

Illustration Credit: Ashley Zhou

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