Varsity triumph highlights strength in depth

By Josh Males, College Sport Manager

The Durham-York College Varsity 2017 was a massive success, both in terms of the running of the event and the overall score. Durham ran riot with an overall win of 94-31, the highest margin of victory ever seen between the two universities. Teams were chosen based on league positions in late January, and to have such an array of different colleges involved was a testament to how strong our intramural programme is here in Durham.

This is reflected in the fact that 14 of 16 Durham colleges were represented on the day, many colleges fielding multiple teams across 13 different sports. Beyond the number of competitors, there was also a fantastic number of Durham supporters who came down to watch and cheer on our teams. Credit for the victory must be given to all the teams competing on the day, with some incredible performances throughout.

There was stiff competition from York, who brought over 400 of their own players and supporters. They certainly played their part in creating one of the best atmospheres we have had down at MC in quite a while and we look forward to more of the same in next year’s varsity! Our thanks also go to the DSU who hosted the finale of darts and pool in the evening, where the trophy was presented to Durham for our 3rd victory in 4 years.

Photograph: Team Durham

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