Van Mildert College closes Derwent accommodation block


Following a recent email to Van Mildert students, it has been revealed that one of their college accommodation blocks, Derwent, has been elected for closure in order to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

The accommodation block has around 55 rooms, with students who previously lived within the block being placed into new corridors during the last week of term (w/c Monday 4th December) and at the beginning of the Epiphany term.

The move of the students was said to have involved consultation with Mildert’s JCR representatives.

Interim Vice-Principal of Van Mildert College, Sandra MacDonald, sent an email to students who currently live within the college, requesting them to give their new neighbours a “warm welcome.”

The email further stated, “please be kind, considerate and welcoming to your new neighbours as they settle into their new room.”


One thought on “Van Mildert College closes Derwent accommodation block

  • Yeah but at the same time us porters have been told to leave the lights on all night in the main building,even when students are in bed and there’s no one around. No energy saving there


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