Ustinov moves to new home at Sheraton Park

By Sophie Gregory 

Durham University has opened a new purpose-built accommodation for post-graduate students at Sheraton Park

The construction of the PBSA represents the delivery of one of the first projects to come under Durham’s University Strategy, 2017-2027.

Sheraton Park is the new home for the University’s Ustinov College postgraduate community and will be home to 400 postgraduate students.

The move will reduce the College’s residential student body from c.600 to 400 beds.

This coming year Ustinov College will occupy part of the Howlands Farm site, Durham City, and all of Sheraton Park, with couples and family accommodation at Keenan House, Durham City

In 2018, however, Ustinov will vacate Howlands farm and move permanently to Sheraton Park.

In an article, Durham University stated that those at Sheraton Park will enjoy the full college experience: “this includes dedicated pastoral support, scholarly and research activities, and access to social and sporting facilities, in a supportive and motivating collegiate environment”.

John Snow and Stephenson Colleges, currently located at Queen’s Campus, will relocate to Howlands for 2018/19 and share the site with Josephine Butler College.

The move has been contentious, with Palatinate previously reporting on the frustration that students felt about the move and the worries of the local community.

Addressing this, Jamie Graham, President of the Ustinov College Graduate Common Room, stated: “The University wants to be a good neighbour at Sheraton Park.

It is seeking to work with residents living nearby to ensure good community relations, including limiting alcohol sales from its bar/café to prior to 11pm, other than on a maximum of six occasions per year for special events.

Professor Glenn McGregor, Principal of Ustinov College, said: “The move to Sheraton Park heralds an exciting new era in the history of Ustinov College.

“Whilst we will be located in new buildings, we will continue the traditions and activities that make Ustinov so popular with our students and alumni.

“We are excited about welcoming the inaugural cohort of students to Sheraton Park and working with them in our new home to further shape Ustinov College’s reputation as a scholarly community that celebrates strength that arises from diversity.”

Photograph: Durham University

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