Update on South College


South College has started recruiting members and interviewing prospective JCR presidents as construction finishes on their dining hall, gym and music room.

The latest college to join the hill colleges of Mount Oswald will be opening in August 2020, with 350 freshers entering a college community of 492 students, including over 40 current Durham students acting as ‘Pioneer Scholars’ and 80 postgraduates.

South College’s Principal, Professor Tim Luckhurst, who was previously editor of The Scotsman, said that “South College has huge advantages, with fantastic facilities at the heart of the college. In terms of making a community, buildings are a good start but it’s the students that matter.

“We have some great scholars who share my vision for an inclusive college, which will be dedicated to engaging with current affairs and open debate.

“I’m so delighted with our pioneer scholars who are transferring from colleges all over both Hill and Bailey, all with something to contribute. We have scholars passionate about a creating a culture of music, sport, drama and wellbeing support – I’m so delighted with the variety of pioneer scholars we’ve already recruited.”

South College has received support from the University’s art collections to purchase their first sculpture, which will be Nancy Frankel’s Conversation II, to be installed in the college grounds, with further art already being commissioned.

An initial meeting of pioneer scholars has already been held and interviews for JCR President will be in February, before the first college formal in March at Collingwood College. Scholarships are still available for current students to transfer to South College.

Pressure for housing has mounted in recent years, but Luckhurst says “South College is part of the University’s strategic plan for 50% of students to live in college. Great buildings can become really great communities, if they are filled with shared ideals.”

Image: Durham University

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