University outlines its coronavirus plans for the new academic year


Durham University has outlined how they expect the campus will operate in the coming academic year, in light of the UK Government confirming on 12th July that all legal restrictions for managing the coronavirus pandemic will be lifted from 19th July.

In an email to all students, the University emphasised that Covid-19 still remains a risk, so it is ‘vital’ that the University community operates cautiously in the coming months. The University reiterated the ‘Hands, Face, Space, Fresh Air’ guidance using during the previous academic year.

For the new academic year, the University said that it will go beyond the UK Government’s guidance in order to prioritise the health, safety, and wellbeing of the Durham community. Therefore, hand sanitiser and cleaning stations will remain available next year.

The University intends all activities to operate without social distancing in the new academic year

Furthermore, face coverings will continue to be encouraged on campus, and ventilation measures will remain in place, including the use of air quality monitors, at the beginning of next term.

Nevertheless, the University intends all activities to operate without social distancing in the new academic year, in accordance with Government guidance. This will remain under regular review in conjunction with local risk assessments.

The University also encouraged all students and staff to have the vaccine, as it is the best way to protect ourselves from the virus, and emphasised that we need not wait to be contacted by the NHS before booking our vaccinations, but can do so immediately.

Lateral Flow Testing will continue seven days a week at the Palace Green and from Monday to Friday to Palatine Centre throughout the summer holiday.


2 thoughts on “University outlines its coronavirus plans for the new academic year

  • Nice, they’re feeling covid positive ahaha
    Shame they don’t invest in student’s mental health. Imagine your flat mate talking with a hill college vice principle who everyone met once on a freshers zoom, living with a flat mate who’s gorgeous but was a fat kid and mercilessly bullied. You hug her goodbye in December, the next hug is in June she is half the size, and eats her food with a teaspoon.
    That’s f***ed up, she trusts this “assistant principle”, another flat mate said I don’t think the ED one is going to those meetings. She’s built like a twiglet and the whole college thinks she’s sexy af and writes her tindurs saying exactly that. But like definitely the word who’re is more important than just generally treating women with basic human rights, it’s actually not that radical hate to break it to you. No wonder we’ve only had two tory PMs. Both of whom are universally hated, the U.K. is run by privately educated little boys who instead of running to mummy, are running to sexy ladies instead. Therefore all women are exactly the same, even the little ones who people somehow don’t like sexualising, but then when it’s an adult woman what do you do?

  • You should see how possible staff were badly treated.. especially cleaners


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