University advises weekly COVID-19 testing during Epiphany


An email to all Durham University students today has revealed that, upon returning to Durham in January, students will be encouraged to undertake regular Covid-19 testing.

The University has commented that this will be a new and “key part of your student experience.”

Students returning from places inside the UK, or from the international destinations on the travel corridor list, are urged to get tested for Covid-19 on the day of arrival (day 1), before being tested again on days 4 and 7. 

Following this initial round of testing, each student should then be tested on a weekly basis using LFT testing kits. The University explains that this is “the best way to start Term 2” and to ensure that students do not return to Durham with the virus. 

Those who choose not to access testing will be required to isolate for 7 days upon their arrival back in Durham, including from their own household. It has been confirmed that testing is not mandatory in order to attend Covid-secure face-to-face teaching, although access to other activities within the wider student experience may be limited. 

“When you return to Durham in January, regular testing for Covid-19 will be a key part of your student experience.”

Durham University

The University has stated that “regular testing will pave the way to a more fulfilling wider student experience, with a range of mixed household, but still socially distanced, activities.” These activities may include sports, clubs, societies and formals. 

Students who will be travelling from destinations outside the UK that are not on the travel corridor list, are told they must isolate for 10 days as soon as they arrive in Durham. This period, however, can be reduced by following the UK Government ‘Test to Release for International Travel’ scheme, allowing those travelling to pay for a private Covid-19 test. 

The earliest that a private Covid-19 test can be taken is five days after leaving a destination that is not on the travel corridor list. 


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