Top five post-lockdown fashion comebacks


Dear Lockdown Fashion. It’s time for us to part. Bucket hats got confusing, but at least low-waisted jeans never made a comeback, so I think we got on ok. So long.

After a year stuck at home, everyone seems glad to be finally getting ready for a new chapter in their lives. Naturally, having been so isolated for so long, everyone is suddenly polarised on how to dress. How then, should we actually present ourselves? Radically, for a fresh start? Luxuriously, for an escapist flavour? Conventionally, for the reassurance of tradition? Whichever one you’re going for, here’s a 100% controversial guide for the new fashion essentials in 2021 to start you off.

1). Clogs

brown and green leather open toe sandals
Image by Jasmine Chew via Unsplash

Finally, a shoe I can wear to my artisan workshop and at the local fashion show.

After a small-scale revival in 2020, this one might actually happen. Who needs crocs when you can opt for their cool Dutch cousin instead? Despite being made entirely from wood, clogs have an unexpectedly chic, retro feel when styled correctly. Matching is important, so they work with your outfit rather than appearing chunky and awkward. Do be warned about the noise you’ll start making – in both senses of the word.

2). Cowboy Hats

grayscale photography of piled cowboy hats
Image by Simeon Jacobson via Unsplash

Embrace your Inner Clint in 2021.

Nothing has the same level of effortless cool as cowboy attire. Whether you give this timeless hat a vintage or contemporary edge, it is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd, which after a year in not-so-splendid isolation might not be such a bad thing. These probably (definitely) won’t return to mainstream fashion this year, but with plenty of embellished Boho products planned for release before Summer, all is not lost for the Wild West.

3). Berets

woman looking to the left standing on snow
Image by JP Valery via Unsplash

After bucket hats made everyone look like the Lego Amazon explorer, it would be nice to see a ‘beret-naissance’. For those after something chic this Summer, no headgear can match the simple refinement of this traditional French cap. Matching can help but is not essential, it’s more important your beret stands out. Just don’t go for an army-style – soldiers tend not to be fashion icons.

4). Skinny Jeans

woman standing wearing jeans and white top
Image by Tamara Bellis via Unsplash

Normally I’d say this was a style vs practicality thing. But to be honest, I’m amazed people can wear wide-legged without tripping over themselves.

Have skinny jeans actually fallen out of fashion? With a trend towards increasingly baggy cuts, I’d say they’re definitely becoming something of a rarity. This is a shame because the new wide-legged models resemble pairs of curtains more than trousers. Sure, there’s nothing practical about going skinny, but they will always give you a more defined and flattering look than these new baggy, unnecessarily oversized items.

5). Actual Shorts

group of people playing beach volleyball on beach during daytime
Image by Aubrey Odom via Unsplash

Honestly if Timothée Chalamet in Call me by Your Name thinks they’re good enough to wear, I’m in.

Every year, there’s a big movement at fashion shows towards shorter shorts, because shapeless doesn’t really cut it at Paris. Hopefully, this year that will translate to everyday consumer culture as well. A higher cut often creates the impression of a better-proportioned body and also allows for far more individual expression than the generic Bermuda style. If you want to test some boundaries after lockdown, this is probably the way to go. Would be a shame to waste the ‘new’ normal after all.

Image: Prudence Earl via Unsplash

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