With preparations for the much-hyped Durham University Fashion Show (DUCFS) well underway, Fashion caught up with the main players on the exec.

“Over summer the Creative team have taken DUCFS further afield,’’ says Bryony Duff, the fashion show’s Creative Vice President. ‘‘The team spent a fantastic day… on the Barbican Estate in London shooting the first photoshoot and recording our promotional video, which we are very excited to share with you!”

She continued: “This year our theme is Evolution Revolution. So it’s all about change. We want to encourage people to think about and understand the ways that fashion, art, music and all forms of creativity can act as political and social statements. This year our campaign is not only a force pushing us to question the status quo and direction of our society. It is also a huge force for good with our chosen charity, Mind, at its core.

“This year we wanted to make the campaign even more ‘creative’ and cutting-edge. Our theme does not simply look at fashion, but at every affiliated aspect of the arts. Therefore the location of every shoot is just as important as the clothes themselves. We are taking this opportunity to integrate all forms of creativity into a more holistic campaign.”

The key event in the Durham University social calendar appears to have been given a new burst of energy this time round, judging by the words of DUCFS President Iona Cameron, who says: “The creative team on the exec is the biggest and most talented we have ever had. We’ve all been busy over summer on shoots, promo videos and more. New and exciting stuff [is] coming soon so stay tuned.”

It seems that this year in particular, the creative minds behind the annual event are sharply on trend, even addressing current movements for awareness with regard to their chosen charity. Speaking about the recently revealed charity the show is in aid of, Cameron mused, “DUCFS is in a unique position to raise awareness for the issues that resonate with students at Durham University. This year we are thrilled to be working with Mind; the UK’s leading mental health charity. Our aim is to stimulate conversation and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.”

Jacqueline Baker, Head of PR & Marketing, added: “This year the DUCFS campaign invites you to join us on our movement to take a stance and look beyond the norm. We need to look around us and ask ourselves, where are our journeys taking us? Are we moving in the right direction? Join us on this exploration together as we explore #TheShapeOfNow.”


If you’d like to be involved, DUCFS told Palatinate Fashion that ‘‘Castings for models and comperes will take place on 22 and 29 October 2017. We want everyone. We want all shapes, sizes and ethnicities to join the DUCFS team. We also welcome anyone who wishes to audition in pairs.’’

It looks set to be an interesting rendition of a familiar template this time around, and with the first photo shoot already showing great promise (and lots of yellow, we’re liking the yellow), we look forward to seeing the fruits of the exec’s work in February 2018.

Photo shoot credit:
Bryony Duff, Creative Vice President
Alasdair Harriss, Creative Director
Hannah Debson, Creative Director
Special thanks to Flora Stafford for her help on the shoot and styling

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