The Butcher’s Deli in Durham closes just one year after opening


The Butcher’s Deli, a popular diner located on Saddler Street in Durham, suddenly closed its doors last week, after a forfeiture notice was posted on the deli’s door. The closure comes just a year after the deli first opened for business in April 2021.

The Butcher’s Deli offered a variety of breakfast and lunch hot food items, ranging from customisable burgers to baked desserts. The quality of their products and service generated multiple positive reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars according to Google Maps, with many users rating their food as ‘outstanding’ on social media.

According to The Northern Echo, the business owner of the deli, John Stirk, stated in an online post that high rent and rates, as well as the issue of not generating enough sales, ultimately led to The Butcher’s Deli to close its doors at the Durham outlet.

“Unfortunately for one reason or another this business just didn’t work”

John stirk

Stirk explained in the post that “Unfortunately for one reason or another this business just didn’t work, I know our quality was good, we gave the best service we could and ultimately, we just didn’t generate enough sales to justify the business being there.

“Rent and rates are high but when we went into this project, we had a plan and vision to justify these costs so as business we knew what we were getting ourselves into.

Despite having to close the deli’s doors, Stirk further commented that “I’ve absolutely no regrets in investing into this project or for backing its losses for 12 months, we thought we could turn it round and it just didn’t happen for us. We move on as a business”.

Stirk also thanked customers for their support during the past year. Many customers have since reacted to the closure online, with one saying that “Rates in Durham City are killing the city”, with another saying that they were “so sad to read this”.

Palatinate reached out to The Butcher’s Deli for further comment.

Image source: Gripe & Grumble & via Facebook

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