Tantalising treats to haunt your Halloween

Poison apple cocktail


This amazingly-deadly drink is ALL about glitter! This addictive cocktail finds its undead origins in the hands of the Evil Stepmother from Snow White.
Okay… that’s only true if the Evil Stepmother came in the form of a (surprisingly) easy-to find website called Delish. This drink only takes five minutes to make, so whip out your alcohol (and venom) and your cocktail shakers for this lethal, tastebud tempting drink.
You will need:

• 1/3 cup apple juice
• 1/3 cup cranberry juice
• 2 ounces of fireball
• 1 ounce of grenadine
• 1/4 tablespoon of edible gold glitter
• Ice (to your liking)
To make this scrumptious cocktail, place all your ingredients in a cocktail mixer. Shake until the contents are fully mixed and the container is cold. Pour it into your funkiest glass, add some extra poison (I am not liable if you actually add poison) and enjoy with an iridescent metal straw – trust me, it’s definitely more instagrammable this way!

Pro tip: if you want a swirly, whirlpool effect with the gold, instead of adding your ingredients to a cocktail shaker, mix it in a blender.

Fruit punch

My go to drink is always something sweet and moreish. My recipe for a Halloween inspired punch is quick, easy and will have you going back for ladle after ladle.
First, find the biggest pitcher or drink-holding vessel that you own. Then, fill up with 2 parts of unflavoured vodka, to 1 part of raspberry liqueur. Top up the rest of the pitcher with champagne or prosecco, and garnish with crushed ice and a handful of frozen raspberries.
If you want to make this into a mocktail, you can substitute the vodka for pear juice, the liqueur for cranberry juice and the champagne for tonic water or seltzer. For an extra burst of flavour, you could add cinnamon sticks and vanilla pods scored lengthways. Sugar dyed red with food colouring can also be used to garnish the rim of the pitcher.
For an elaborate finish, fill two (non-powdered) rubber gloves with water, tie the base and freeze them. When solid, you can untie the knot and ease out two ice ‘hands’ which can be put in the punch before serving. They’ll appear to ‘reach’ out through the blood red concoction, adding a flourish of nightmarish flare.

‘Finger’ food


A spooky but simple and easy aperitif to make for your party, regardless of whether it’s a small soirée or large shindig. A play on pigs in blankets that’ll be sure to leave your party guests feeling like it is a night of haunting.

• Hot dogs or sausages, cut in half • Ketchup
• Egg wash (egg beaten with water) • Almond slices
• Puff pastry (cut into rectangles large enough to cover the hot dog)

  1. Wrap and bind the sausages, leaving the cut side open
  2. Make incisions to resemble knuckle wrinkles
  3. Place an almond sliver on a rounded tip (to resemble a fingernail)
  4. Brush an egg wash over the top to brown
  5. Cook at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes and check. Cook until dough is browned
  6. Dip the open end in ketchup and put some in a bowl in the middle to enjoy your
    bloody finger snacks

Very Bloody Mary

Indulgence with a twist is epitomised by this bona fide classic with a delightfully pronounced sting in its tail. Because Halloween is all about sweet flavour profiles, I like to swap horseradish and Worcestershire sauce for raspberries and lemongrass. These give it a deeper red colour and make the smoky hints of Tabasco all the more unexpected. They look best poured on the rocks right in front of your guests, hopefully accompanied by some slightly garish decorations, or served in massive pitchers. This cocktail is famously filling, so should probably be paired with simpler drinks and not too much food. No matter how you try to pull them off, Bloody Marys are bound to make an impression.


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