Street food stalls to temporarily replace Library Café


A marquee selling street food will be available on Library square as the library café undergoes extensive remodelling this Michaelmas.

Every day will feature a different local brand, ranging from fish and chips, to Indian and Greek street food.

The marquee opens on Monday 8th October with The Little Fishy: a locally-sourced fish and chip company from Newcastle.

The marquee will be selling hot food from 11am Monday 8th October until the end of Michaelmas term, Friday 14th December.

Burger joint Fat Hippo has been confirmed to be on Library square every Tuesday for the rest of term, while traditional Greek cuisine company Phi Pie will be available on Wednesdays.

On the Goa, an authentic Indian street food company, will be available on Thursdays, and on Fridays gourmet Hotdog stand Tunstall Jemison & Co take to the marquee.

Local supplier Coffee Supreme will also be in Library square every day (Monday to Friday), from 8:30am, offering professional barista-style coffee, as well as hot chocolate and other refreshments.

The University has confirmed that vegetarian and vegan options will be available on the stalls, and that seating is also available.

The Bill Bryson Library’s eDen and café will be closed until Epiphany term 2019, as the Yum café is relocated and expanded in the eDen to host a larger number of students for the new academic year.

The changes in the library are part of the wider Queen’s campus relocation process which will see a significant increase in students using the library. The University has said that the work will mean that “students and Library users will benefit from an improved Library space and catering provision.”

While the café is closed, students have been advised to use catering facilities in the Lower Mountjoy area, including the Calman Café, Palatine Café and Chemistry Café, as well as the new street food stalls on Library square.


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