St Mary’s offers free wine with dinner to celebrate the end of term


St Mary’s College will offer a free glass of wine to its students this week, to congratulate them for making it to the end of term. In an email to students, College Principal Professor Maggi Dawn said “it’s been a long and difficult term in many ways, with the frequent changes to COVID restrictions. But the introduction of testing, and the excellent of a vaccine on the horizon, are signs of light at the end of the tunnel.

“To celebrate making it through these difficult weeks, I’d like to buy you all a drink: when you go to dinner on Monday you will be offered a glass of wine with your dinner, courtesy of the college.”

This comes after livers-out belonging to University College JCR were given £6 off food at any Durham restaurant for two days at the beginning of November. In previous years, the JCR would have spent a significant amount subsidising formals which have not been held during the pandemic.

Prior to this, students at Hatfield were offered £5 off to eat at any Durham restaurant on Halloween night.

Laetitia Eichinger, a first year at St Mary’s, told Palatinate: “I was utterly delighted to hear that the Principal of the college wanted to treat us to free wine for our first formal since the start of this year. After a pretty strange few months, with the stress of end of term essays mounting, the offer was gladly received, and will gladly be accepted!”


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