Spotlight: Clara 3000

By Jacqui Duan


Fashionista, model and DJ? It seems Clara 3000 has it all. Jacqui Duan puts the spotlight on this fast-rising star.


Clara Deshayes, or perhaps better known under her stage-name Clara 3000, has a beautiful aesthetic. Having opened for the likes of Justice and played sets alongside Levon Vincent and Theo Parrish, Deshayes has already garnered herself much deserved attention as one of Paris’s most promising up-and-coming. With talk of her debut EP on the way, this twenty-five-year-old dj-come-model was recently named one of five female djs to watch by Dazed Digital, and too rightly so.

Deshayes’s style is unconventional at best. Her mixes, like a well-tailored pant suit, are versatile and reflect Deshayes’ experimental nature. Suitable for a house party, a gallery opening or even to liven the monotony of study, her preference for French minimalism and European techno is evident of that infallible Parisian cool aesthetic that characterises much of Deshayes’ work. Her recent remix of C.A.R’s ‘Idle Eyes’ has a rawness of beat that sends one into the clubs of Berlin, and her preference for songs with simplicity and texture over complicated high-speed rhythms lend her mixes an atmospheric ability to explore and evolve rather than simply demonstrate. But this is not to say that Deshayes is limited in any such way. You only need to listen to her monthly mixes for France’s Rinse FM to find examples of her wide-ranging and innovative taste. From classic pop to hard rock, disco to punk, there is no genre left un-touched with Deshayes, no record unturned.

What sets Deshayes apart from other young DJs however is her work with fashion. Having walked down the catwalk herself for French brands Jacquemus and Vetements, she now largely scores the performances. Her work for Vetement’s Spring/Summer 16 collection was a testimony to what she called in an interview with Purple Magazine “sound design”. The walk depicts eclectic pieces being showcased against a back drop of classical music, which then swung into a more tribal jungle beat, before punching into a heavy metal track. The sudden changes in genre, though somewhat jarring if listened to on its own, was the perfect accompaniment to the bold, cutting-edge and distinctively contemporary couture of Vetements. Widely sought after for parties by notable brands such as Hermes and Lacoste, this fashionable venture of Deshayes provides an interesting insight into the interaction between the visual and the musical. In a technological age where the music video is becoming more and more recognized as a means of expression, Deshayes gives us insight into a relationship that may come to define the future of music and fashion.

Deshayes is the best friend we wish we all had. Having recently played at London’s Ministry of Sound, it seems that Deshayes’ international reputation is only growing day-by-day. I am still waiting with baited breath for a release date of her rumoured EP, but when it does arrive, I know we can expect something weird, wild and wonderful.

Image: SSense

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