South College to be named after Jeremy Vine


Durham University has announced that Durham’s newest college, to be opened to students in October 2020, will be named after alumnus Jeremy Vine.

In an announcement this morning (1st April), College Registration Officer Flora O’Spilday confirmed that “Durham University’s newest college, hitherto known as South College, will be known as Vine College” in honour of the broadcaster. She added “this decision comes after a rigorous selection process, for which a variety of Durham University’s alumni, community members and ex-staff were considered. 

“We think Jeremy Vine’s legacy is such that it deserves to be celebrated in Durham, and we cannot think of a better way to pay tribute to his broadcasting career than this.”

Jeremy Vine, 54, attended Hatfield College from 1983-86, graduating with a 2:2 in English Literature. During his undergraduate career he was a member of sketch comedy group the Durham Revue and Editor-in-Chief of Palatinate. Nowadays, Vine is known for presenting his weekday show on BBC Radio 2, as well as hosting Eggheads. He appeared on the 13th series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2015.

In response to the announcement, Vine said to Palatinate: “I am beyond honoured by this. I will treasure my memories of Durham forever, and I can’t believe future generations of students will see my name carved in that precious stone.”

He also released this video statement:

The Durham University community has reacted positively to the announcement. Prof. Aida Solly of the Media Studies department said “I’m delighted. Jeremy Vine is such a hero to me and my students, having attended Durham and gone on to become a national broadcaster.”

Sally Fopiador, incoming JCR President of Vine College, added “We’re all really excited to welcome the new students in October. I’m confident that Vine College will become a real community.”

Vine College is the first Durham college to be named after a former student. Trevelyan and Ustinov are named for former Chancellors, while Collingwood is named for the former Chair of the Durham University Council.

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4 thoughts on “South College to be named after Jeremy Vine

  • As a Durham alumna, I don’t recall being asked. This is a huge mistake. I have had reason to contact and feedback to the BBC on many an occasion. I always received a courtesy response, albeit limited in action. Jeremy Vine neither had the courtesy or professionalism to do so. Rather his arrogance and ego took over, something I noted in his shows over the years. I stopped listening to him.
    He does not represent the values of the Durham I knew and was a part of. The Durham, whose alumni have welcomed me to their homes as a stranger, after finding out through a third party I was also in Muscat and our connection was our (different) time at Durham.
    Having lived and worked in five countries overseas and six cities in the UK, as well as four universities, there are many more worthy candidates, I know of.
    If this name is given, it represents another trajectory downwards in Durham’s reputation, alongside the comical logo instead of the crest, 100 stranded students without accommodation and contextual offers

    • Look at the date of the article….

  • Really?! Thank goodness – guess my mind is on more serious matters than an April Fool…though with Durham’s recent record I wouldn’t be surprised.


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