Sabbatical Students’ Union candidates revealed

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Five candidates will contest four sabbatical student officer positions in this year’s Durham Students’ Union elections, Palatinate can reveal. 

Jack Ballingham, the current Opportunities Officer is rerunning for the position, competing against Blake Liu, the international relations representative for the 93% club. 

The remaining candidates for officer positions are running uncontested: Joshua Freestone, Durham University Labour Club’s Secretary, for Undergraduate Academic officer; Laidlaw scholar and third-year criminology student, Cynthia Lawson for Postgraduate Officer; and Philosophy Masters student Laura Curran for Welfare and Liberation Officer. 

Voting in the elections will open on Wednesday 23rd February and close on 2nd March. The candidates for SU President were revealed by Palatinate this morning.

The three uncontested elections will still have an option for Re-Open Nominations (RON). No student has come forward to launch a registered campaign for RON, but the option will still be on the ballot. DSU election rules specify that in order for anyone to campaign for RON, they must register and so adhere to the campaign rules. If unregistered campaigning occurs, they are likely to be disqualified. 

This decision came after elections in February 2020 where 58% of total votes cast were for Re-Open Nominations (RON). The SU subsequently decided to disqualify RON for campaign rules violations, with all RON votes deleted, including second and third preferences.

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