Robinsons Greengrocers on North Road has closed


Robinsons Greengrocers, a North Road based fruit and vegetable retailer, has closed after twenty years of trading.

Sandra Robinson, the owner, posted on Facebook, “We want to thank all our loyal customers and supporters, who have continued to shop with us over those 20 years.  I cannot thank you all personally,  but you know who you are.”

Although she described “the last four years have been especially challenging, trying to survive as a business in Durham”, the shop has managed to weather a challenging retail climate, with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the cost of living crisis.

It was the death of a colleague’s husband, and the illness of her own husband that “me realise that the time has come to move on, while we can”. She said that my responsibilities have to be with him, until he is strong enough to come home.

Palatinate reached out to Ms Robinson about her much-loved shop, and she said that “we used to have a big student community support, but since the introduction of a Tescos in the heart of the city, the students seem blinkered in their shopping habits.”

She said that “students new to any city, will automatically go to the places they are familiar with”, and without central “a central marketing hub, where all students can gather information about where the best places are to shop, and find something a bit different and give them the opportunities to choose where they want to spend their money and snap up Student Discounts around the independent businesses in the city.”

“Young people have changed their eating habits too, not many of them have been given the life skills required to cook from scratch.”

Image: Malc McDonald via Wikimedia Commons

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