Review: The Phantom of the Opera


Split into two breathtaking acts, Director has successfully brought Phantom of the Opera to the Durham stage. A musical that might go down as one of BTC’s best, the cast, orchestra, and crew together make a truly mesmerising performance. The talent is overflowing in the room.  

Beautiful vocals and a powerful orchestra gave a whole new definition of ‘hauntingly beautiful’

A full house for opening night inspired high expectations that did not disappoint; beautiful vocals and a powerful orchestra gave a whole new definition of ‘hauntingly beautiful’, inspiring an intimacy that laid the room bare. The choreography was at one with the orchestra and each and every performance more than made up for some (minor) timing mishaps.  

The opera was blessed with a strong performance by as Carlotta with successful and entertaining humour delivered seemingly effortlessly in a subtle yet effective performance by and no one could deny the strength of emotion and determination displayed by George Cass’ interpretation of Raoul. 

Shorey and Rainford truly perfected the roles of ‘beauty’ and ‘the beast’

Indeed the ‘Angel of Music’, as Christine was nothing short of endearing. With perhaps one of the most beautiful voices I have ever had the privilege of hearing, Shorey’s performance was elegant, graceful, and everything in between. as The Phantom trembled with talent, using not only his whole heart but, indeed, his whole body for emotive rendition. Shorey and Rainford truly perfected the roles of ‘beauty’ and ‘the beast’, creating a unique and genuine chemistry that could not be ignored. 

Costume design was a feast for the eyes and credit must go to the sound and technical team for making such a complex production flow with ease. Whether the spotlight was on them or not, no actor slipped in their characterisations, becoming their characters with expert focus. as Madame Giry must be credited for her incredible expression control and ability to achieve whatever the role demanded of her. 

The staging was innovative, the music captivating, and the audience could barely withhold their applause after (almost) every scene. The Phantom of the Opera was no doubt safe in ’s, ’s, Jonjo Palmer, and the rest of the crew’s hands. You would never guess that this was only the second musical that the Bailey Theatre Company have produced and directed and I for one cannot wait to see the third. If this performance is anything to go by, then the BTC is worth its weight in gold… and then some.  

Image by Bailey Theatre Company

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