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Rating: ★★★★★

The newest edition to Durham’s repertoire of Chinese restaurants, Happiness 2, is sure to indulge with a wide variety of well-priced meals for all. It is located on North road right next to the famous Durham staple, Brooklyn Pizza Company, and with any luck will become just as popular. It is the restaurant’s second location, with the first being in Newcastle’s Chinatown.

Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted with its cosy but calm atmosphere and a conglomeration of seating choices to pick from. Personally, I’m a sucker for the booths. On the tables, you will also find that they have an induction stovetop for hotpot if you so choose to enjoy this feature available at the restaurant.

After sitting down, their excellent staff will be present you with their three menus. The white one is British-Chinese foods, while the black one is Chinese, and then there is the hotpot order menu. While I haven’t tried the first menu, I must highly recommend the other two. Also, a note, all their food is served family-style, so it is not an ‘order your own plate’ sort of restaurant. Be prepared to share. 

…their food is served family-style, so … Be prepared to share.

Firstly, when you arrive, get a pot of jasmine tea or hot water. It’s great bang for your buck and they will refill the pot as much as you want. If you are by yourself or just two, I recommend just sticking to the black menu. On it, you’ll find plenty of dishes such as baozi, dumplings, dan dan noodles, and my favourite is their char siu pork or the combo plate that also has roast duck and chicken on it. Also, if you like congee like me, you can have a bowl of plain congee that could feed four for £3.50, and the chicken one is only £7.50.

If you are there with a larger party, indulge in their hot pot. Also, it’s very vegetarian friendly. There are a few base options, however, if you go with vegetarians or just in general I recommend the green chilli and the mushroom soup (easy way to get a lot of mushrooms). Topping wise, the meatballs are a must, as well as the sweet potato noodles, enoki mushrooms, radish, and bok choy. I also recommend getting the sauces added on (it’s £1 per person), and then you can access their sauces bar. If you do get the sauces, I recommend mixing some garlic, sesame oil and chilli oil together and pouring it in the mushroom soup. It really adds to the flavour.

“If you are there with a larger party, indulge in their hot pot.

The service is also great with the entire staff happy to answer any questions you may have. Overall, the restaurant is a must check out. I have been a few times and always leave happy. Furthermore, it is very economical. I can honestly say I have never spent more than £13 while there and I always leave stuffed. It’s the perfect place to go with friends.

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