Rate your shag, and reassess your life

Rate Your Shagby

The newest Facebook group to litter my feed is ‘Durham Rate Your Shag’. You can tell that it is exam season because Facebook is recommending me new groups to join and pages to like daily, as students use the Internet as an expedient distraction from revision.

“Let everyone out there know who’s good in bed and who to avoid”, states the ‘About’ section for this latest page that doesn’t enrich my life. They ask for people who ‘like’ the page to “Rate your shag out of 10, adding comments and gossip (i.e. size, fetish, duration etc.)”

Surely this page is nothing more than a platform for humiliation, allowing people to be cruel whilst remaining conveniently anonymous? Furthermore, as it is a public page, it is not limited to just Durham students. Get ready for the world to read about your sexploits.

Do the creators really expect it to be taken seriously? No doubt the majority of their posts (of which there are currently none) will be exaggerated, embellished and, in all likelihood, complete lies to begin with.

However, there are also probably people lurking on the Internet with enough audacity to submit truthful accounts of their sexual experiences to the student body.

Imagine not being able to leave the bedroom without saying, “Would you mind not rating me on the Internet?”

Just as sex should be consensual for both parties, so should the sharing of information regarding it. It is one thing to share a cheeky detail with friends. It is another thing entirely to belittle or berate a previous (let alone current) sexual partner on the Internet.

If they didn’t ask you to film the experience, then they probably didn’t want it to become viral online. Imagine not being able to leave the bedroom without saying, “Would you mind not rating me on the Internet?”

Worryingly, it is not just Durham indulging in this abhorrent Internet criticizing. Searching ‘Rate Your Shag’ in the Facebook bar provides a plethora of results. Many of the pages give full names of reported sexual partners, with comments such as “0/10. S*** body and one heavy dose of Chlamydia. Get checked love.”

The administrator of one of these groups posted a stating “Just waiting for someone to break up a couple by sending in a fake one…” Clearly meaningful relationships are a joke to the organizers and condoners of this latest pointless page.

Of the three Durham versions of ‘Rate Your Shag’, the most popular has close to 2,000 ‘likes’. This means that the equivalent of one eighth of the student body has decided to endorse the page within the brief eighteen hours that it has been live.

This page is not funny. At best, it will be a source of shallow amusement for friends to chide each other. At worst, it is offensive, hurtful and embarrassing that members of our university can follow such a disgusting trend.

What do you think? Is the new group just light-hearted fun, or is it a serious problem? Let us know your thoughts @PalatiComment.

9 thoughts on “Rate your shag, and reassess your life

  • Author makes the mistake that anything with DURHAM in the title is only applicable to/created by students. About 90,000 residents in the city.

    • “it is not limited to just Durham students” – did you actually read the article?

  • Nowhere on the page does it mention the university, theres more to Durham then just the students you know. “This means that one eighth of the student body has decided to endorse the page within the brief eighteen hours that it has been live” is completely untrue.

    • It says ‘the equivalent of’…

  • This article was posted 3 hours ago…but the page in question is only 1 hour old…if this article is a case of “bad publicity is good publicity”, then somebody is using the good reputation of the Palatinate to popularize the yet-to-be-known page by abhorring it publicly but secretly using the media clout of the Palatinate to snowball this page into popularity. Disgraceful, despicable and deplorable whoever you are.

  • Seriously? A “locals vs students” debate is what you got from this article? Jesus.

  • I actually think it’s disgusting that anyone thinks it’s okay to make this stuff public. It would still be bad if it was anonymous, but including people’s names? All this is is a platform for cruelty, it doesn’t even have to be accurate, yet people will believe it.

    I honestly believe that things like this destroy lives, especially if someone is already in a bad place.

  • Naturally a tribute to the destructive potential of social media and the juvenile irresponsibility seen in many students today. I’ve already had my first welfare case relating to a “Rate your Shag” page from one of my old friends at another university/city. The first words they said to me, almost muffled by tears were “I’m dropping out.. I have to get away”. All because some idiot couldn’t hold his drink and, obviously, couldn’t blame himself for his incompetence
    I really hope Facebook or even the police take action against these pages before they do some serious, serious damage.

    Perhaps distastefully though, I do like the alternative: “Rate your Spag”. Clearly set up to undermine the above with some hilarious accounts out there. As the descriptions say: “I’m not a bully of a misogynist, I just love spaghetti Bolognese.”

  • Isn’t this just an online extension of what women think it’s OK to do in the real world?


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