Preview: The Bacchae

Jake Goldman (Cadmus) and Greg Plummer (Teiresias)

Isabelle Culkin talks to the assistant director and cast of HCTC’s upcoming production of ‘The Bacchae’.

Through their sheer range, daring innovation, flawed but eloquent characters and intriguing plots, the plays of Euripides have shocked and entertained audiences since the fifth century.

In The Bacchae, a king mistreats a newcomer to his land, little knowing that he is the god Dionysus disguised as a mortal. Determined to exact revenge, the events that follow are bloody, bitter and full of foreboding.


Why ‘The Bacchae’?

Sophie Wright (Assistant Director): Emma Grisdale, our director, has had the grand dream of putting it on since she studied it in Sixth Form, and now she’s finally had the chance!


If you had to do the rehearsal process again, what would you do differently?

SW: It would have been good to explore the opportunity of cross-gender casting. I think that could have been a really interesting possibility.


What have you found most challenging?

Jake Goldman (Cadmus): Being old.

Beth Barratt (Chorus): Acting.


Favourite Line?

BB: ‘One of you go and announce that Teiresias has arrived.’ – Teiresias

SW: ‘You are not unattractive for a woman’s taste.’

Greg Plummer (Teiresias): ‘Zeus’ thigh was host to the god.’

Andrew Shires (Dionysus): ‘Do you not see flames?’


Favourite Character?

SW: Teiresias, I think he’d be funny to go drinking with.

JG: Teiresias, the sass.

GP: Cadmus, since he’s my best friend in the play.

Lucinda Bourne Swinton Hunter (Agave)

What’s it like playing a god?

AS: I mean it’s obviously quite a challenging part for any actor. But for me, it feels quite natural, I feel it was the kind of role I was born for, I’m not really acting that much.


Things to look out for?

SW: Gold, silk dressing gowns, fake blood, and a feather boa.


Why should people come and see this production?

Grace Miller (Chorus): It’s my 21st on the opening night

JG: It’s a real seminal piece of theatre with an unexpected twist.

AS:  I’m shirtless.


Fill in the blank: ‘If you loved ……, you’ll love ‘The Bacchae’.

AS: Mean Girls.

The rest of the cast disagree.

Jo Grijpstra (Chorus Leader): Dead Kings.  

Lucinda Bourne Swinton Hunter (Agave): Game of Thrones.


Poster: Imo Rolfe



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