Preview: Terry Pratchett’s ‘Small Gods’ by Ooook! Productions

Lo! The time of the Prophet is upon us.  The Great God Om has taken an earthly guise and descended to the Discworld.  Deacon Vorbis is organising the torture schedule for the next age.  Revolution is, if not in the air, definitely flapping its wings in preparation.  And Novice Brutha is weeding the melons.  At this time, all believers should demonstrate their true faith through a great pilgrimage.  This year the pilgrimage will be occurring on the 17th, 18th and 19th February at the Assembly Rooms, Durham.  Show your adherence to the Great God Om, Holy Horns, and don’t miss out on the religious event of the year.  See the Great God Om in his earthly form (a small tortoise).  See the great citadel of Omnia with its disc-renowned torture chambers.  Marvel at the infidels in the philosopher infested city of Ephebe.  Brave the desert and the whispering voices of the small gods.

Ooook! Productions presents the WORLD PREMIERE of Sir Terry Pratchett’s 13th Discworld book Small Gods, adapted by Ben Saunders.  100% of the profits from this production will be donated to the Orangutan Foundation (registered charity number 1095660).  Take the chance to see the first ever stage adaptation of this well known religious satire.  No other night out will involve so many tortoises.

Small Gods is playing in the Assembly Rooms Theatre:

17th February, 7:30pm  £6/£5(student)/£4.50(DST)

18th February, 7:30pm  £6/£5(student)/£4.50(DST)

19th February, 2:30pm  All tickets £4.50

19th February, 7:30pm  £6/£5(student)/£4.50(DST)

To book please go to or e-mail