Plans for new bus station raise concern


Durham County Council have released a proposal this week to regenerate North Road with a new £8 million bus station.

The North Road roundabout would be scrapped, instead replaced by a complex junction and a pedestrianised area of North Road.

The initiative aims to attract private sector investment as well as address safety concerns about the area.

However, the new bus station has received a mixed reception.

Roger Cornwell from the City of Durham Trust told the Durham Advertiser that the bus station “does need improvement but not £8 million worth.

“They could sort out the problems with the bus station and spend a fifth of that money.”

A two-day exhibition which will display the proposal plans is set to be held in North Road Methodist Church between 11am and 6pm  on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st October.

Councillor Neil Foster said: “A new bus station would allow us to free up prime retail space in the city which, by preparing the site for use, we hope to use to attract major private sector investment.

“Due to the size of the site it will offer a unique opportunity for a larger store to move into the city centre, creating jobs and further increasing the retail offer for residents and visitors alike.

“So we’d like everyone to join in and let us know what they think of the plans.”

If approved, work on the new bus station would be scheduled to start in the next two to three years.

Photograph: Durham County Council / NEConnected

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