PalTV on the scene of the UCU Strikes

The UCU strikes happened from the 1st to 3rd of December in response to potential pension cuts and contract disagreements with the university. PalTV sent on the scene of the strikes to interview university staff on why they are striking, what happens next and what students can do to support staff.

Clarification: The claims made at 05:12 are believed to relate to an incident in 2013. A Newcastle University spokesperson made the following statement at the time: [The University is] “very clear that it will not accept partial performance of a contract”. They said they “only consider withholding pay from staff as a last resort and where there had been a clear breach of their contract.” “Our students expect a high standard from us and the university cannot accept anything which has a detrimental impact on the teaching experience,”
Source: Times Higher Education 2013

Producers: Darcy de Winter; Presenter: Emilia Dunne; Camera Operator/ Video Editor:

Image: Charlotte Llewellyn-Smith


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