Palatinate receives national commendation from Houses of Parliament


Yesterday Palatinate was recognised in the House of Commons for its success at the Student Publication Awards last Sunday.

In an early-day motion introduced by City of Durham MP Mary Foy, the House commended Palatinate for being named as Best Publication for 2021. The motion received cross-party support, gaining the signature of four Labour MPs, including North Durham MP Kevan Jones, two Conservative MPs, and a member of the Democratic Unionist Party.

The motion recognised Toby Donegan-Cross, Will Hutchings, and Poppy-Lulu Roberts, whose work on the investigation of bullying and malpractice in the Durham Union led to Palatinate also winning Best Story. Donegan-Cross also went on to win Best Reporter.

“This House congratulates Palatinate on being named the Student Publication Association’s Best Publication for 2021”

– Parliamentary motion, 11th May

Palatinate also received highly commended awards for Sports Coverage and its Science and Technology section, while former Editors-In-Chief and were highly commended for the Billy Dowling Reid award for outstanding commitment. All of these awards, including the total of 13 nominations, were formally recognised in Parliament.

Foy’s motion also noted “that this was achieved despite Palatinate having to self-fund and work remotely, and hopes that Palatinate continues to provide a high standard of journalism and a pathway for a career in the media for students at Durham University.”

This motion marks the most recent inclusion of Palatinate and Durham University in Foy’s work at Parliament. In her maiden speech, she mentioned it as one of the key parts of the city culture, and last year, she endorsed the strike action taken by members of staff at the University.

The full motion can be found here.

Image: Wikimedia

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