PalatiDates Episode 1

The PalTV creative team matchmake four Durham University singletons for blind dates at Spags. Will they find ‘the one’, or will they be avoiding each other for the rest of the term? This is PalatiDates!

Producers: and Millie Glenister; Deputy Producers: and Rahim Hussain; Presenter: Emilia Dunne; Voiceover: Thomas Locke; Camera Operators: Sarah Matthews, Matty Grassow; Editors: Zara Ewen, Miley Jia, Millie Glenister, Dylan Rana,

Also involved: Elle Fitzgerald, Sophie Garnett, Lizzie Kennedy, Luke Power, Theo Taylor, Aman Wadhwa,
With thanks to: Sam Ciamopolillo, La Spaghettata, Fabio’s Bar

Graphic Design:
Thumbnail: Munin Youngvanich


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One thought on “PalatiDates Episode 1

  • About as entertaining as watching paint dry


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