Overheard at Durham Uni Facebook group archived amid controversy

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Popular Facebook group Overheard at Durham Uni has been archived, meaning it can no longer accept new members and no longer appears in search results to non-members.

The group, which has over 28,000 members, was generally used for students looking for lost items, trying to sell or buy tickets to events, or other requests from the student body. Recently, however, it has been at the centre of controversy when an Instagram story made by the SU President-elect, Seun Twins, was shared to it as a post by on Monday 6th April. 

In the aftermath, Overheard at Durham Uni became the primary battleground for an ongoing war of words on the issue among students. Twins’ post was accused by some commenters on the page of “inciting violence”. 

However, in statements released yesterday, Durham Women’s Association, Durham Intersectional Feminist Society and Durham People of Colour Association condemned criticism of Twins, claiming the publication of her post represented “targeted misogynoir” and an “infringement of privacy”.

The original post on Overheard at Durham Uni, which published Twins’ private Instagram story has since been deleted. 

Sam Oliver-Welsh, the sole administrator of the page, has been approached for comment.

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