Oh! You pretty things


With TikTok kids waging war on skinny jeans, The Hippie Shake eating up my Instagram explore page and mullets manifesting en masse all over the UK, seventies style has, without a doubt, made its much-deserved comeback. As an era that spawned several iconic subcultures, including punk, glam rock, disco (many of which go hand-in-hand with queer culture) and an array of international idols still inspiring many to this day, seventies spirit has its way of sticking around regardless of whether its trademark fads are publicly perceived as the next big thing or not.

Look no further than the pop culture phenomena of the past thirty years and you’ll notice just how many movements, styles and songs have been influenced by the seventies. From the slick soundtrack of Reservoir Dogs to the setting of Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused, the nineties were equally inspired by sounds and style of the seventies, this legacy immortalised on screen.

In fact, the seventies still live on in much of the music we enjoy today; Donna Summer’s I Feel Love gave rise to a plethora of electronic genres, punk subgenres have evolved like Pokémon and even the opening of My Chemical Romance’s iconic The Black Parade, a staple album of the seemingly aesthetically antithetical 00s emo movement, sounds a lot like the opening track, Five Years, from ’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

As we have seen from the repeated rise, fall and resurrection of many familiar fashion friends (and foes) from times gone past (special mentions go to the perm, cowboy boots and the Peter Pan collar); while our current obsession with seventies style may not stick around for as long as we would like it to, its essence is far too ingrained into our contemporary culture for its influence to ever fade away completely.

With current beauty and grooming trends drawing much inspiration from the seventies, from glowing, glossy makeup to full-on Burt Reynolds-style moustaches, being in lockdown has no doubt provided many with the perfect opportunity to give these bold looks a go. From finding the time (and patience) to revamp your skincare routine, to finally growing out the safe amount of stubble you’ve been keeping in check for the past few years. If there is any time to give the seventies look a go, that time is most definitely now.


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