NUS criticises Boris Johnson’s comments on youth unemployment

The National Union of Students (NUS) has criticised Boris Johnson’s claim that young people need to do more to find a job.

The NUS President, Liam Burns, has accused the Mayor of London of being out of touch with young people and harming their chances of getting work. He argued that the Mayor should try to help young people instead of “writing them off”.

Mr Johnson, who is campaigning for re-election, claimed that jobs were available in London, but that they were being taken by immigrants rather than young people.

He argued that young Londoners needed to learn from immigrants and that it was necessary to understand “what it is that they have got that makes them able to get those jobs that young Londoners don’t have”.

“In this city, there are jobs going. It’s vital that Londoners have the skills and the aptitude but also the energy and the appetite for work as well,” he told the Sun.

However Mr Burns argued that it is not the attitude of young people that is the problem.

He claimed Mr Johnson “is badly out of touch if he thinks it is their attitude, rather than a stagnant economy and Government decisions to scrap EMA and the Future Jobs Fund and charge older learners for doing A-Levels that has left so many young people unable to find a job.

“By perpetuating the myth that young people are lazy or work-shy the Mayor is making it harder not easier for young people to convince employers to invest in them.

“He should spend some time with the thousands of young people who desperately want to work but are left on the scrap heap by politicians like him”.

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