No alcohol at formals and two weekly LFT tests for events: Durham University’s Easter Term


Livers-in will not be allowed to consume alcohol during any formals that take place before lockdown restrictions are eased on May 17th, according to plans detailed on the University website.

Participants in formals will be required to provide evidence that they have taken a Lateral Flow test (LFT) no more than 24 hours in advance of the formal taking place, as well as testing at least twice weekly, with the second test taking place 3-4 days apart from the first.

The plans state that as of April 26th, “College formals for livers-in only can recommence in a household format”. 

The plans also mean that college bars and cafes can re-open outdoors with table service from April 26th. Colleges will determine, individually, whether livers-out from other Colleges can use their bar or cafe. 

Students would be able to pre-book to attend college bars and cafes, in household groups. Any music played in these venues would be required to be played at low volume and signing, shouting and dancing would be prevented.

From May 17th, college bars can open indoors to both livers-in and livers-out, and formals can include both livers-in and livers-out at the same time. Communal games such as pool, darts and snooker will also be permitted for two households at a time. However, social distancing regulations and household groups would still apply until Covid restrictions are lifted on June 21st.

Covid testing will still be required 24 hours in advance of attending a formal after June 21st, as well as for attending events such as College Balls and College Days, performances and communal games. Regular testing will still be recommended in order to attend college bars and cafés.

Plans were revealed this month for erecting a performance event venue at the Racecourse site for three weeks in June.

The venue, which would have a 450 person maximum capacity, would provide a space for live performances and events to be held in a Covid-secure environment.

This comes after the University announced that Easter Term would be extended until 2nd July to allow for colleges and societies to organise events after lockdown restrictions are lifted on June 21st. 

Image: Amana Moore

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