New restrictions imposed for university and college sport


As a part of the University’s temporary adjustments for teaching, learning, and the wider student experience (WSE) for the beginning of Epiphany term, new restrictions have been announced for both university and college-level sport. These restrictions will be in place until “at least January 23rd”. 

A negative LFT from the previous 48 hours from a University testing site must be presented for participation in all University or college sport, both indoor and outdoor.

Indoor sport will be capped at 25 people, some clubs implementing booking systems to combat this. However, where coaches and officials are required for competitive indoor sport, they can be added to the 25-person cap. 

For outdoor sport, a number cap will also apply but at 100, which is not anticipated to cause disruption. Where events cannot take place due to number caps, they will be re-arranged for a later date. 

These measures will be “regularly reviewed”

Spectators are also banned until further notice. 

Face masks will be mandatory when moving around in indoor settings and can be taken off when activity begins but, not before. 

Each club will also be required to have a Covid officer to ensure compliance with TTP regulations. Covid officers will check University LFTs and keep a log of all session attendees and negative tests. This record is required as Covid marshals will be spot-checking teams and clubs to ensure compliance. 

These measures will be “regularly reviewed” with “many mitigations only planned until January 23rd”.  


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