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For all you lovers of halloumi, don’t fear, for The Greek Guy is here. Okay, in all seriousness, without sounding like a 1950s advertisement, we decided to sample some of their food offerings and want to share with you our culinary experience as it happens. So relax and unwind as two ravenous finalists tuck into Durham’s latest culinary offering!

Zoe: If you don’t know already, The Greek Guy is the first restaurant specialising in Hellenic delicacies, specifically in one of its most beloved dishes Gyros.

Anna: Okay Zoe, we get it, you’re a classicist. But you’re not wrong, The Greek Guy is a new restaurant opened on Elvet Bridge, which unsurprisingly, specialises in Greek food. 

Z: You may sleep on this little gem at first glance because of how small the place is, but if you need a reference it’s literally next to the big archway that goes down to Klute – everyone’s favourite club. 

A: Exactly, but we decided to order in instead. After waiting half an hour and numerous prayers incurring its arrival, our food finally arrived. Right, so I ordered the Gyros with mixed meat, wrapped in a pitta, what did you order Zoe? 

Z: I ordered the naked Gyros option which comes with a Greek salad and my choice of dip is Tzatziki, and of course unleashing my inner Durham girl, I ordered halloumi fries. 

unleashing my inner Durham girl, I ordered halloumi fries

A; Lovely. I’m hungry now, we waited long enough – let’s tuck in. 

Z: The halloumi fries were a generous offering, thick portion size – which is always appreciated. It was well-seasoned with mixed herbs and oregano, strong flavour combination which worked very well with the saltiness of the cheese. You can never really go wrong with halloumi fries though! 

A: Halloumi fries are a staple. My order of gyros was generous as well, the mixed-meat was a good shout as the red onion, cherry, and tzatziki cut its richness. To quote that scene in How I Met Your Mother when Marshall is on the hunt for the best burger in New York, there were a ‘fugue of flavours.’ How’s your order?

Z: My option was different to yours, instead of having it in the classic pitta, I had mine naked which is one of the three options you can have. The generous portion of the chicken compensates for the lack of carbohydrates, it also peppered with oregano which works well. It smells so appetising, that’s always an appeal. The coolness of the mint in the tzatziki works very well with the dried meat which adds to the texture palette of the dish. 

A: Yeah, the textures in my order were also interesting. The soft pitta wrap cradled the contents of the gyros, the halloumi also gave it an entertaining spring which contrasted the density of the meat as well. Like you said, a palette of textures. 

Z: I loved the mound of Greek salad, it was very refreshing alongside the meat – there was also a little sprinkling of paprika which gave it some heat and combined well with the creaminess of the feta. 

A: I loved the whole, but there were parts that could have been improved. The meat itself could have been marinated a little bit more as it lacked flavour against the vegetables and cheese – although the generous drizzle of garlic sauce compensated for this. Any final comments? 

Z: I agree, they could have made the marinade richer because the meat was pretty dry. Fair warning, don’t order if you’re just feeling peckish because this is a capital M Meal, with portions rivalling Lebaneat’s shawarma wrap. 

The Greek Guy, The Kiosk, 21, Elvet Bridge, Durham, UK DH1 3AA


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