My Limited Sight


My limited sight is everything
The colours and light are in dark
I call in a whisper, so nobody answers
No silence, no calm, no ark.
Filling with feeling,
An ancient, lost power
Can I see who I once was before?
No, I walk blind
But there on my shoulder 
A hand, a guide to the door

And there in my mind
A gold flowing tide
On the black, immaterial floor

And here with my mind
A Love so divine
That the voices are words from my core

And here in my mind
I open the door
And the light is nothing like you’ve ever seen before

He says ‘Come in’
And I say ‘Why’
‘Because – ’ He says
But the words fall away
Because you will not know
Until your day

Don’t look to me.
If Life is partially blind,
I am Life

Illustration credit: Hayleigh McLean

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