Missoula to retain premises license

By Julia Atherley

Missoula bar is to retain its license following a meeting of the Statutory Licensing Sub-Committee on 22nd May.

The decision comes after the death of Durham University student Olivia Burt outside the nightclub in February.

A review of the premises license was conducted following a request from the Durham Constabulary after concerns for public safety and prevention of crime and disorder.

“There are serious safety issues that must be addressed with the use of this venue as a nightclub”
Missoula has agreed to have 14 members of staff to monitor the queues on Wednesday nights, the busiest student night of the week, during Durham’s term-time.

Th nightclub must adhere to the terms set out in the operational plan, which include a ban on promotional activities.

There is also to be no VIP access to the club and bank holidays will now be operated according to the Saturday opening times.

The review was supported by Durham MP Roberta Blackman-Woods, who wrote to Joanne Waller, Head of Environmental, Health and Consumer Protection to support the application.

The email reads: “There are serious safety issues that must be addressed with the use of this venue as a nightclub, with alcohol sales allowed until 2am, and this is sadly symptomatic of the problems with the ‘one size fits all’ approach to licensing that the local authority has adopted in County Durham.”

Blackman-Woods has also raised concern over the plans to open a new sports bar at the former Loveshack venue this summer.

Helen Lynch, Head of Legal and Democratic Services at Durham County Council has said: “The committee listened carefully to the evidence from all parties which fell within the scope of their remit and the additional conditions were agreed as a result.

“Today’s review was not about examining cause or attributing blame for the tragic incident which resulted in the death of Olivia Burt.

“Neither was it to review the licensing policy for Durham City – which sits outside the remit of the committee and is scheduled for next year. At that point the public and interested parties will be able to comment on the policy and feedback received will be taken into account.”

Photograph: Alexander Amatosi via Flickr



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