Living with grief amidst the anxiety of the COVID-19 lockdown


On May 6, 2020 my father passed away from a mild heart attack in Bangladesh while I remained stuck at Durham University, nestled thousands of miles away in a small historical mining town in Northern UK. I never had a chance to say good-bye to him. This unpredictable and deathly COVID-19 has changed lives for people across the world in many different ways. It has changed mine too. I will never see my father again. It has also opened up a painful episode of dealing with the grief that could not be any more difficult – alone and mostly confined in the limited space of my accommodation due to the university lockdown.

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty and anxiety all over the world, my grief reminds me that life is about nurturing our relationships with our loved ones that are often filled with love and affection, endurance and empathy, mistakes and misunderstanding. We may not always try to weave through the stiches that bind us together with our loved ones while they are alive. Yet, through our losses we may have the ability to gain what we have lost by learning and understanding about their lives that we did not know before.

Sameet Kumar’s moving book about grief has told us it is a journey that seeks to understand not just the loss of someone we care about but also about finding the meaning of that loss through a range of emotional discoveries. This includes, for example, confronting our pain so that we can be able to grasp the meaning of pain as an ‘extension of love’.  Alone, from the small confines of my living in a foreign country, I try to understand my relationship with my father. I have lived abroad from a very young age. As I grew older, time and space put us farther apart, creating a divide between what we knew of each other. Yet, it was his effort that tried to bridge the gap between us. But I am not sure if I was mindful of that while he lived. I could never match his wisdom, knowledge, and humility. So, I recall his life, in pieces, to understand him.

I recall my father’s life, in pieces, to understand him.

My father had surgery last year and since then he remained weak but not necessarily fragile. He has been taking care of my ailing mother and the daily nuances of everyday lives in Dhaka – paying bills and salaries to our homecarers, managing monthly groceries, my mother’s medical bills, including his own, and others – while my sibling and I remained abroad. In a Bengali culture, children take care of their elderly parents. Yet, both my parents remained alone without the everyday presence of their children. But my father did not complain nor did he have any regrets. He actually rejoiced at whatever fate offered him. He was proud of his children.

Being alone makes this loss even more difficult to cope with. I am struggling to come to terms with his death during the lockdown period in Dhaka that prevented a proper funeral for him. The dead need to be buried promptly in Bangladesh without the usual rituals because of the lockdown and the social distancing rules. But strangely, my father had always wanted a discreet burial.

During this period of grief, however, I do feel the presence of others. The mental wellbeing initiative of the university has been very kind and generous, offering counseling, mentoring, virtual meetings, and other efforts to help students cope with the COVID-19 lockdown. And in my case, I feel fortunate to have been surrounded by many well-wishers to help me through the grief on top of the ongoing anxieties of the lockdown.

I feel fortunate to have been surrounded by many well-wishers to help me through the grief on top of the ongoing anxieties of the lockdown.

I have had words of condolences, wisdom, and encouragement from the likes of my supervisors, faculty members, staff, friends, and colleagues, which have given me strength to celebrate my father’s life and spirit to struggle with his voices that echo everyday within the limited confines of my university accommodation. My father’s loss has opened a new chapter in my life. I just hope this will show me how to live without him.

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