Labour’s Mary Kelly Foy re-elected MP for City of Durham

By Lily Gershon, and Anouskha Mundey

The Labour Party’s candidate for the City of Durham constituency has been re-elected as MP following what has been projected nationwide to be a landslide majority for Labour.

Voter’s ballots were counted in Spennymoor Leisure Centre in County Durham, with the results being declared at 3:31am.

According to the BBC, Ms Foy won 19131 votes, with a 47% majority, beating 5 other candidates to the post. Reform UK candidate, Mark Belch, came second to Labour with 7374 (18%) votes. Liberal Democrat candidate Mark Wilkes came third with 5920 (15%) votes.

Before being elected for the first time in the 2019 general election, Ms Foy sat as a Labour member of Gateshead Council. She occupies the left of the party, being a member of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs.

Most notably, in 2020, she resigned as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to a Labour frontbencher, going against the Labour leadership to vote against a bill which allows undercover agents to commit crimes during their operations.

The exit poll, commissioned by Ipsos UK for Sky News, the BBC and ITV News, asks voters leaving more than 130 polling stations “who did you just vote for?” — it predicted Ms Foy would be 99% likely to hold on to her seat. 

Also, according to an aggregator, produced by Peter Inglesby, a polling wonk, every major UK pollster predicted that Ms Foy would retain her seat going into the general election.

This story is ongoing, we will update this page with further developments.

Image: David Woolfall

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