Indian restaurant loses its alcohol license following “hottest curry” competition involving University rugby team


Shaheen’s Indian Bistro, located on North Bailey, has had its alcohol license revoked after a “hottest curry” competition involving a University rugby team resulted in the street being covered in vomit and urine, The Northern Echo reports.

The incident, which took place on 28th October 2015, prompted the owners to ban all societies at Butler, Castle, and Trevs from holding social events at the restaurant.

Durham County Council’s licensing sub-committee took the decision to strip the Indian restaurant of its license after officers from Durham Police told them that drunken students were allowed to take their own alcohol into the restaurant.

It was reported that the students were told they had to eat the curry, which was spoon-fed to them by a member of staff, outside the restaurant as it would make them vomit.

The sub-committee was shown CCTV footage of passers-by having to step over pools of vomit. The footage also showed the students playing drinking games outside the restaurant, urinating in the street, and jumping in front of passing cars.

Mrs Khan, who had already removed herself as licensee, apologised for the handling of the incident. She denied encouraging the students, but accepted that she should have done more to prevent the situation.

Mrs Khan did dispute aspects of evidence given by the police, including agreeing in advance to make their “hottest curry” for £15 per head for the 35-strong student group, and telling them they would have to eat it outside because they would be sick.

Shaheen’s had previously been allowed to serve alcohol until 11pm Monday-Friday, and until 10:30pm on Sundays.

Photograph: Post Box via flickr

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