How I Found Home



I’d done my research and

Knew the values they held dear

I expected silence, but comfort and

I was optimistic, I’ll admit:

When I first went down to sit

In that circle of chairs,

I’d already thought, perhaps,

This might be the place for me.

I know since I started to think critically,

On pacifism, truth and equality we agree,

Sustainability and simplicity are key

Before I went, I could tell you for free,

My echo-chamber is a wonderful place to be.

In meeting, I found people,

I now call them Friends,

Eccentric with smiles,

As they welcomed me,

I thought maybe I’d stay for a while.

The silence reassures me,

We hold stillness together,

When the cafetiere arrives, flock

Like birds of a feather.

We’re spiritually diverse,

Each Quaker unique,

But we grow and develop

Each week that we meet.

Every chat over coffee,

Piece of ministry backed by a passing siren or lorry

Gives a chance to reflect,

Something to discuss

When we see each other next.

As relationships are formed

And shaking hands becomes the norm,

I start to feel like I fit in,

Like a Quaker is something I’ve always been.

Now maybe Durham meeting

Is no longer where I go,

But where I come from:

A place to call home.


Photograph: simon gray via Creative Commons and Flickr

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